Jay Unwin

Jay Unwin

A serious professional, not as in wearing a suit, but as in helping you get serious results.
Weapons-grade wit and charm included at no extra cost.
With almost a decade of experience in health, fitness and wellbeing, plus a former career in science education, I am extremely well-placed to simplify ideas which are often considered complex or overwhelming.
After burning out quite catastrophically on two separate occasions, I developed a mental and physical fitness philosophy to bring myself back from the depths of mental and physical despair, and to avoid slipping back there ever again.

This philosophy is now the cornerstone of what I teach to leaders and their organisations around the UK, and around the world. It’s all pinned on a few central tenets: accessibility, adaptability and efficiency.
As well as the key understanding that fitness is our ability to cope with and recover from stress.

My mission is quite simple: to help as many people as possible improve their overall quality of life, through improved mental and physical fitness.

We are now offering DASH (Domestic abuse, Stalking and Harrassment) Training!

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