Delivering Conflict Resolution Training using the Safeward Model

Crystal Stean, Dave Dodd and Kym Shorthouse are three experienced and qualified tutors who deliver courses on the Therapeutic Management of Violence and Aggression, in particular Conflict Resolution.
Photo of a training session in action

18 January 2018

Crystal Stean, Dave Dodd and Kym Shorthouse are three experienced and qualified tutors who deliver courses on the Therapeutic Management of Violence and Aggression, in particular Conflict Resolution.

At Livewell Southwest CIC we deliver Conflict Resolution training as part of the management of violence and aggression, with an aim to increase delegates’ understanding and recognition of the functions of behaviour and behaviour that causes distress. The course also aims to equip delegates with an ability to implement appropriate and effective strategies to de-escalate and keep all parties involved safe. 

This training uses the Safeward model, which is an evidence-based initiative that aids the management of violence and aggression and helps avoid acts of violence, aggression and self-harm.  One such strategy in the training is ‘Talk Down Tips’, that enables delegates to recognise how verbal and non-verbal communication de-escalates a situation and creates an environment that is safer, respectful and empathetic.  

The Safeward model is also intertwined with the following NICE guidance and quality standards in the training:   

  • NICE (2015) Violence and aggression: short-term management in mental health, health and community settings (NICE Guidance 10)
  • NICE (2017) Violent and aggressive behaviours in people with mental health problems (Quality Standard 154).

NICE guidance states that prior to any restrictive or restraint intervention, all attempts to de-escalate the situation should have been implemented.  Therefore, physically holding or physically intervening with a distressed person is a last resort. For that reason, Conflict Resolution training is the essential theoretical training course that can be implemented prior to training in Breakaway, a form of self-defence, and Safe Holding/Physical Intervention, all offered by our tutors.

Between them the three tutors have enormous experience of teaching adults and young people and implementing risk reduction strategies with young people as well as having worked in in a wide range of units, wards and community settings. All tutors are qualified to degree or diploma level and above and have a teaching qualification.

To find out more about Crystal, Dave and Kym please visit this page to view their profiles.

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