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Dear delegates

I think we would all agree these past twelve months have not been easy for any of us, but Spring is well and truly upon us, the days are getting longer, and out of the bleakness of Winter the world is coming back to life again, as it always does. Daffodils are waving defiantly at us from everywhere. Could this be because we have had so much more time on our hands during these Lockdowns? I wonder. Gardens are glowing everywhere and soon the boats will be returning to their cherished moorings once again whilst we gaze longingly at the estuary from our office window as human life returns again. I hear April 12th is the long-awaited day. Now is the time to look forward and not back, to revisit our dreams and make them come true!

We have some very exciting news to share here at Livewell Training Academy

Dr Linda Solbrig is an award winning (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies) and National Institute for Health Research highly commended Behaviour Change Psychologist and a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society.

She is a published and widely cited researcher in the areas of obesity, weight-loss, motivation, e-health, wellbeing and behaviour change. Dr Solbrig is the primary developer of the highly internationally acclaimed (medical research literature, mainstream print media, TV and radio) motivational coaching intervention Functional Imagery Training (FIT) in the context of weight-management. She co-designed and tested FIT, while completing her PhD in Health Psychology at the University of Plymouth, where she is currently a visiting specialist in the Faculty of Health, lending expert advice across projects further testing FIT in a diverse range of health issues, including alcohol dependency and work-related stress, as well as facilitating lectures and workshops in Motivational Interviewing, coaching for health and FIT for psychology and medical students.

Dr Solbrig also runs her own consultancy through which she delivers online training to professionals and practitioners who want to become certified FIT practitioners, provides expert scientific advice for the production of television series on behaviour/lifestyle change and to corporate businesses wishing to design bespoke behaviour change/wellbeing interventions for their clients and/or staff. Dr Solbrig accommodates a limited number of private clients/patients who work with her on tackling weight-loss, binge-eating, yoyo-dieting and/or to improve symptoms of functional disorders, such as CFS/ME and/or Fibromyalgia.  

Her extensive academic background in the development and testing of behaviour change and wellbeing interventions, as well as developing training and delivering training in behaviour change to professionals, practitioners and students, in addition to her clinical service (previously LWSW tier 2 weight management lead and specialist health improvement practitioner in the Wellbeing team) and private practise experiences, made her the perfect candidate to become a LWSW Academy associate trainer. We are delighted to welcome her on board and to announce she will in the first instance start delivering Motivational Interviewing and Successful behaviour change in weight-loss training, as well as bespoke training in the areas of behaviour change, wellbeing and coaching, with future scope of running a basic CPD version of Functional Imagery Training through the LWSW Academy.

LS: ‘My training courses are very applied and hands-on, while another core emphasis is on covering only evidence-based approaches, we know work best and to tailor them to trainees’ needs. I ensure trainees acquire new skills and build on their existing skills in such a way that it will give them the confidence to start using what they have taken away from training right away, flexibly and creatively to compliment and extend their usual ways of working with individuals. I am looking forward to a thriving collaboration with the LWSW Academy.’

Here is what one of Dr Solbrig’s recent trainees said about her FIT training:

“Changing behaviour is one of the hardest challenges people face. FIT is a brilliant new method with proven results. Psychologist Linda Solbrig is a real visionary.”

Susan K. Reed, former editor in chief ‘Oprah Magazine’, editor, author, media trainer.

Brighter and more exciting days are just around the corner. In the meantime, hold fast to your dreams, you are the one person who can make them come true and wishing all our customers new and old a very Happy warm fulfilled Easter.

Your Sincerely

Andrea, Chloe and Saff.

We are now offering DASH (Domestic abuse, Stalking and Harrassment) Training!

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