Payment and Cancellation Policy for Room Hire


  • Payment for room hire must be made in full no less than 14 days prior to hire start date.
  • Bookings are deemed as confirmed once the commissioning organisation has acknowledged receipt of our email that sets out Livewell Southwest Training Network’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Once bookings are confirmed, details are considered to be final. Changes can only be made to these details (such as to change which room needed, change the date of a room hire or to add or remove materials needed to be in the room) upon payment of an additional £25 admin fee. This can be waived at the Livewell Southwest Training Network’s discretion.

For those wishing to cancel:

  • Companies or individuals hiring a room have 14 calendar days from the date of booking to cancel and receive a full refund or transfer to another date free of charge. 
  • After this period, anyone wishing to cancel their booking, will need to contact the Livewell Training Network team either by phone or e-mail 15 calendar days prior to the date the hire is due to commence in order to receive a 50% refund.
  • Anyone wishing to postpone their room hire, will need to contact the Livewell Southwest Training Network team either by phone or e-mail 15 days prior to the start date of the room hire, and pay a 25% admin charge to transfer onto an alternative date.  
  • Should any contact about cancellations or postponement be made by phone call, we will need this is writing by e-mail too, to  particularly as evidence may be required. 
  • If less than 15 calendars days’ notice is given then we will be unable to refund or cancel or alter the booking unless on medical grounds.
  • For withdrawals for medical reasons, we will offer a 75% refund or transfer onto an alternative date paying a 25% admin charge; we must receive medical evidence by e-mail no later than five working days after the intended course date.
  • The Livewell Southwest Training Network will not be liable for any costs associated with a postponement such as external trainer fees.
  • The Livewell Southwest Training Network reserve the right to cancel any room hire which has been paid for in advance, and not been booked in by 12 calendar months after the payment. At this point, the client forfeits payment and must pay again to rebook the room hire.

For cancellations made by the Livewell Southwest Training Network:

In the rare event of the Training Network having to cancel a room hire, the commissioning individual/company will be contacted as soon as possible. This will be by phone in the first instance followed by e-mail if we have not been able to reach you. The individual/Company will then receive a full refund or free date transfer. Please note that any expenses incurred by the individual/Company in relation to a room hire are wholly their own.

Due to adverse weather or other unforeseen circumstances:

In the event of adverse weather conditions, a decision will be made on the last working day before a room hire is due to take place as to whether it will be cancelled. If a room hire should be cancelled for any reason, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. The Individual/Company will be emailed and telephoned (where possible) advising them of the cancellation.

Contact Details:

It is the responsibility of each Individual/Company to ensure that the Livewell Southwest Training Network has their correct contact details. If delegates then arrive at a venue for a room hire that has been cancelled, any expenses incurred by a delegate are wholly their own.
 Data protection:

  1. The protection of personal privacy is an important concern to Livewell Southwest Training Network. Any personal data collected will be treated in accordance with current data protection legislation.
  2. We will use your personal data to deliver your course services (webinars, conferences, training) incorporating; administration (pre, post and during the event), communications, invoicing & payment, delegate lists (we are unable to remove you from delegate lists once these have gone to print), post-event feedback, quality, research, and voting.
  3. To meet our event obligations to you we may share relevant personal data with presenters, venues, trainers, organisers, print houses, finance partners, connected communities and external delivery partners.
  4. For more information about our data protection policy please see our privacy policy.

Booking and queries:

For booking and queries, please contact the team at Livewell Southwest Training Network on 01752 435152. Lines are open Monday – Friday 08:30-16:30pm.


In the event of any compliments, suggestions or complaints, feedback arising in relation to the delivery of a room hire, the client should notify Livewell Southwest Training Network in e-mail at the earliest opportunity at with SUGGESTIONS in the subject field. The Livewell Southwest Training Network’s complaints policy will then be followed.

Further information:

If you have any questions, please contact the Livewell Southwest Training Network Team.
T: 01752 435152

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