Menopause awareness

Menopause awareness training

Coping with menopausal symptoms at work can be tough and some women are, understandably, reluctant or even afraid to talk to their employer about it.

With around 3.5 million women aged between 15 and 65 years currently in employment in the UK, women now represent nearly a half of the UK labour force. That surely makes menopause mainstream and as important as any other occupational health issue. Menopause also plays a huge part in our own mental health.

Wouldn’t it be great to see employers providing the following…

· Greater awareness among managers of the menopause as a real occupational health issue

Provision of a culture where women feel comfortable about discussing their symptoms and what impact that has on their working lives

Options around flexible working hours and working arrangements to help manage symptoms

Improved access to support –formal or informal

Options to improve your work environment temperature and ventilation

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