Want to improve employee engagement? Want to see your staff happy? Want to see your staff motivated? Want to see your staff sickness improved?

That’s superb!

Then enrol on one of our courses today.

If you are a Company Director, Manager, Team Leader, Supervisor and If there is only one action to take away from today enrol your staff on one of our mental health courses.  If you want to do more and motivate your team with goal settings then look no further we have the answers for you in this common themed illness around Mental Health. We offer many options but nothing more encouraging and motivating than Fitness and Wellbeing Training with Jay Unwin – Livewell Southwest Training Network (livewellswacademy.co.uk)

If you would like further information please call us on 01752 435152.

We are now offering DASH (Domestic abuse, Stalking and Harrassment) Training!

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